Puxi Pudong

Wednesday and Sunday Expo Rides. Normally recovery pace with some intervals. Occasional longer combo rides both sides of rider combining other groups.

5.45 at Fuxing Park, 5.55 at Fuxing Ferry. Pudong Expo Loops: 60km

As many Pudong Expo Laps as one can do (normally 2 or 3). Normally followed by breakfast with 8ish ferry back over to Puxi. Normally strong intervals with recover pace.
No riding if AQI over 200 (check wechat group at 5.15 for updates).

Meeting Point: Fuxing Park main entrance – corner of Chonging Road (0545) or Fuxing Ferry Puxi(0555) or Pudong (0600).

fuxing park

 Some pictures & links from Pudong Expo Rides in 2015