Q: How do i best use this site & access rides?”

A: 8 easy steps:

Great – Thanks for Registering – Now a few points before you get riding!
1. You are now signed up to receive newsletters. To stop receiving newsletters click the unsubscribe on the email newsletter.
2. Please blog or post news relevant to the cycle community in Shanghai. No advertising or direct commercial promotion!
3. Please add events, rides and races to the calendar so the community can keep update to whats happening.
4. Please subscribe to our wechat channel for mobile updates.
5. On Strava? Please join the SCO Strava Group
6. Please like our Facebook site. Weibo coming soon.
7. Remember – Tag your Instagram photos #shanghaicycling
8. Done some interesting rides, email us ride diary and embedded garmin or strava routes and we will post in our routes section.


问题 怎样更好的使用这个网站然后参加骑行?答案 三个很简单的步骤。在你参加骑行前查看这个网站有无内容更新,关于我们的微信官方订阅号可以收到工作日中间跟周末的骑行最新路线。进入到Strava俱乐部页面关注下还有谁在骑行,他们准备骑行去哪里。我们的微信官方订阅号,在 每周2跟周5发布骑行路线跟更新信息。(不是为了聊天)


What is SCO?

A: SCO is a site & wechat channel to help us save time and stop confusion with what  rides & races are on and where, along with interesting cycling routes. Its non profit / non commercial and managed by riders.


答案 SCO是一个利用网站和微信平台来帮助我们节省时间,停止困惑,车手和骑行路线都在上面,展示了有趣的骑行路线,它没盈利,不具有商业性,是有车手组织管理的

Q: What are the Rules of SCO

A: Wear a helmet while riding and be careful. Non commercial. Help build the community and cycling in China. International perspective and welcome all. Everyone trys to pull even a little. Details see here


Q: Who is behind SCO

A: The riders who regularly ride in the groups and who are willing to spend a little time to help the community and keep things organized which intern saves everyone time!


答案: 是那些参与在通常骑行队伍的车手,他们想到花点时间帮助社区,把骑行的事情安排好,这样可以节省每个人的时间!

Q: Whats the difference between a ride, race and a route??? I’m confused.

A: Simple:

> A Ride is either a scheduled ride or special event ride ride that is going to happen and which you can attend.

> A Race is a scheduled race which you need to sign up for somehow and then you can attend.

> A Route is a previous ride we have done and which we think will be interesting to share with the community.

问题: 骑行项目,比赛跟路线区别在哪里?我很困惑。

答案: 骑行项目是一个骑行的日程表或者是特殊的骑行项目,将要去实施的,你可以参加。



Q. How do i submit a ride or race?

Please email full information to [email protected]

> Start & end times.

> Distance & difficulty.

> Links and information.

In English and Chinese please!

To translate

Q: How to submit interesting routes I’ve done?

A. Either send us the embed codes from garmin or strava (example of what it will look like, peters tianma http://www.shanghaicycling.org/wp/sco/2015/02/peters-tianma-extension/ ) To do that open the activity, click share button and embed. Copy the code and email to [email protected]

B. or the GPX file and some basic info on the ride. (example joem canals http://www.shanghaicycling.org/wp/sco/2015/02/3-canal-rides/  ) Copy files and put in email to [email protected]
C. or a link to a blog with description which has this information on it. (examples drew ride blog http://www.shanghaicycling.org/wp/sco/routes/shanghai-routes/ ) Email links and info to [email protected]

Please try and provide the following information in your email for each route (however embed code, gpx or link ok).

1. Your name or chatname and a link to your personal site if you would like us to link back to it.
2. Name of route.
3. Length of route in KM.
4. Start / End Location Name.
5. Brief description.
6. Difficulty level.
7. GPX file (convert as described below if not GPX) and / or Strava or Garmin Connect Embed Code.
8. Picture / video links. Youku and QQ or baidu album links as work in China. Flickr / youtube also fine but understand most people in China cannot access them.
9. Any other info that might be relevant to riders.
(example of Shanghai ride, example of China ride (link).
It will take us a week or two to get the info online. If possible please provide us the information in English and Chinese.



  1. 从Garmin和Strava发送我们的嵌入代码(例如是天马俱乐部骑行,那就是:http://www.shanghaicycling.org/wp/sco/2015/02/peters-tianma-extension/),打开活动,点击分享按钮和嵌入。复制代码然后发电子邮件到[email protected]

B.或GPX文件和一些基本的信息。(例如Joem运河http://www.shanghaicycling.org/wp/sco/2015/02/3-canal-rides/ ),复制文件,然后发电子邮件到[email protected]

C.或一个描述骑行得的博客链接举例http://www.shanghaicycling.org/wp/sco/routes/shanghai-routes/发这个连接和信息到[email protected]

Please try and provide the following information in your email for each route (however embed code, gpx or link ok).












Q. What is an Embed Code and how to make it?

A. The embed code allows us and other sites to easily show your route on our web sites. We just copy the code to our page and your ride shows up. Its easy to generate for any activity you have done.

For Strava. Click the share button in the top right of screen. Select embed on blog, copy the text and paste it for us. strava
For Garmin Connect. Click the share button on the top right of screen. Select Embed, copy the text and paste it for us. garminshare

问题 什么是嵌入码,怎么做?

答案 嵌入码允许我们和其他的网站更好的在我们的网站上展示你的路线。我们仅仅复制下嵌入码到页面,然后你的路线就显示出来了。这样很容易展示你做好的任何活动。

For Strava. Click the share button in the top right of screen. Select embed on blog, copy the text and paste it for us. strava
For Garmin Connect. Click the share button on the top right of screen. Select Embed, copy the text and paste it for us. garminshare

Q. How do i get the routes on my GPS device so i don’t get lost.

A. GPX is the main GPS file format. Stava, garmin and most others use it. Therefore we try and use it where possible. Its generally a two step process:

1. Download or make GPX files. Below we list various ways to do that.
2. Upload to device.
> On a Garmin: connect to USB. On 810 copy gpx and put in garmin/NewFiles/ and it will added as course. Similar to 510 / 500.
> On phone: bluetooth, email, usb upload gpx file to phone. Open with phone apps.
Q. I dont have a Garmin, what GPS phone apps work with GPX.
A. Using Android: 
B. iOS: ???

问题 我怎么样可以在GPS上找到我的路线,这样我才不会迷路?

答案 GPX是GPS文件的格式,因此我们总是使用它,如果可以的话,他通常有两个使用步骤

  • 下载和制作GPX文件,下面我们列举了很多的方法
  • 上传到设备上



Q. My route is in Google Maps. How do i get it into GPX and on to Garmin / Phone.

A. Easy enough:

Step 1: make course in google maps. copy url.
Step 2: go to http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/convert_input . set output format as gpx or (kml if want to view in google earth), paste google map url, advanced (connect segments / merge tracks = yes and remove waypoints). click convert, download.
Step 3: upload as described above.

问题 我的路线在谷歌的地图上,怎么样可以把它复制到GPX,下载到Garmin/手机里




3 上传如上所述.

Q. My route is in Garmin Connect. How do i convert it to GPX and on to Garmin / Phone.

A. Try directly through their site if you have a Garmin (does not always work)

Step 1: Open the activity. Click little gear icon in top right of page. A menu will drop down and select save as course.
Step 2: In courses click “Send to Device” in right hand of screen.
B. Open the activity. Click little gear icon, download GPX file. Upload to Garmin / Phone as described above.

问题 我们路线在Garmin里,怎么样可以转换上GPX然后放在手机Garmin 应用上

答案 A 如果你有一个Garmin(经常不管用),直接打开他们的网站

1 打开这个活动,点击小启动按钮在页面的右上方,A菜单会下降来让你选择和保存课程

2 在课程点击“发送到设备”按钮,在屏幕的右手边

B 打开这个活动,点击小的启动按钮,下载GPX文件,上传上手机的Garmin应用上像上面描述的那样.

Q. My route is in Strava. How do i convert it to GPX and on to Garmin / Phone.

Step 1: Open the activity. On the left of the page click the little spanner “Action” icon, Export GPX.

Step 2: Upload to Garmin / Phone as described above.

问题 我的路线在Strava里面,怎样可以把它转换成GPX,然后上传到Garmin手机上。答案 第一步:打开这个活动,在页面的左边点击小的横幅“行动”的标志,导出GPX

第二步:上传到Garmin/手机 像上面描述的一样