Shanghai Cycling = Ride Calendar & Riding Routes

ShanghaiCycling.Org (SCO) is building on the foundations laid by FHL, and is focusing on providing ride announcements, calendars and route information.

FHL was formed in 2000, and with the associated Yahoo Group that followed became the easiest way to get the lowdown on road cycling around the city.

However with the advent of more immediate social networks, as well as the patchy performance of Yahoo Groups without a VPN, a more accessible go to point was required.

Shanghai Cycling (SCO) is filling that void, bringing bi-lingual info on rides, as well as integration to key platforms such as WeChat, Strava and Calendar. All without the need for a VPN. Chat and discussion has mostly moved over to wechat and there are many different wechat groups setup for different cycling segments in Shanghai. See our directory for that. Shanghai Cycling (SCO) does not have its own chat group but aims to announce ride information twice a week through its official wechat channel so users know what rides are on, what time and where they start.

Shanghai Cycling (SCO) is a non profit and non commercial organization; supported and managed by cyclists who regularly ride and explore the city. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

And so to the riding itself. There is a surprising amount of riding available in and around Shanghai. Typically the following rides will be scheduled every week:
> Tue, 05.30. HQM (summer only) – short spin out to Sheshan. 40-60km
> Wed, 06.00 FXP – downtown spin taking in either Puxi or Pudong Expos or Minpu bridge. 40-60km
> Thu, 05.30 HQM (summer only) – short spin out to Sheshan. 40-60km
> Sat, 06.30 (summer), 07.00 (winter) HQM – longest ride of week with an initial stop at Zhujiajiao Drinkstand, via the resplendent Sheshan countryside. Thereafter heading to Canals, Dianshan Lake or further afield. 80-200km
> Sun 06.30 (summer), 07.00 (winter) HQM – generally a shorter, recovery version of Saturday’s ride. 60-120km

See the individual posts for each ride for the exact specifics. More detail on all the above rides and more can be found under Routes.

There are different groups / indivuduals orgainzing these groups. Shanghai Cycling (SCO) site and wechat channel is the place to visit to get a overview of what is on when accross all groups. These groups incorporate a diverse group of cyclists, ranging from ardent roadies and competitive triathletes through to those getting into cycling for the first time. There will generally be a couple of peletons for the larger weekend rides, to accommodate varying levels. Additionally a speed indication will be posted for rides, to help members decide whether suitable.

Please note the rides listed on Shanghai Cycling (SCO) are organised on an informal basis. Individuals use this site and join the group rides at their own risk and are solely responsible for their own safety. Riders should be prepared to cope with a variety of road conditions, traffic and AQI levels. Most rides will go ahead, if the AQI is below 150. Ultimately though. it’s an individuals decision on whether to ride.

Goals of new site:

  • No VPN Required.
  • Quick / Local.
  • International = EN + CN
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Cycling specific functions.
  • Strava integration.
  • Wechat integration.
  • Calender (outlook/ical) integration.
  • Help search / research routes

Thanks to:

  • Alex D for donating the domain to the group.
  • Liam W for tech support.
  • Jens W & Aniki for colour coordination and many other things:)
  • Joe M for routes and AQI info.
  • Justin J for oiling the chain a little.
  • Andy for policing the group and helping manage the routes.
  • Allen & Kaiyuan for keeping FHL & Pudong Riders going for so many years.
  • Micheal Lee and others for calling out people to ride.
  • Shenster for helping put together the directory and race calendar.
  • Rita and others for ride info.
  • The founders of FHL and any other groups whomever they are.
  • Everyone else who pulls the groups.







礼拜2,05:30 虹桥大酒店(就夏天),到佘山 40-60公里

礼拜3,.6点, FXP 浦东或者浦西世博会或者minpu大桥 40-60公里

每周4,5点半,虹桥大酒店 到佘山 40-60公里

每周6, 6点半(夏季),7点(冬季),虹桥大酒店-最长的一周一次骑行,在朱家角的Drinkstand暂停,通过漂亮的佘山农村,然后一直向运河骑行,到淀山湖或者更远的地方 80-200公里

















Alex D 捐献团队域名

Liam W提供技术支持

Jens W & Aniki 提供颜色协调和很多其他事情

Joe M提供路线和空气质量指数

Justin J for oiling the chain a little.

Andy for帮忙管理路线

Allen & Kaiyuan 保持FHL和浦东车手骑行这么多年

Micheal Lee和其他人召集人员骑行