Cycling Mania is a cycle group run out of the Changning Giant shop. They organise interesting fun group rides around Shanghai and the area. A support van and riders are also there to help out as needed. Also they sponsor a race team so contact them if you want to try out some racing….



此外,Cyclingmania 輪語也召集有志之士参加地区性或全国性公路或山地自行车活动/比赛,并提供适当的训练及协助。现有包含各年龄段的51位男女车手以及俱乐部来自全球世界各地的45位男女成员,在华东业余车界保有一定的声誉以及影响力。

Cyclingmania was formed by a group of cyclist whom love cycling activities and seeing this activity as part of their life. Based in Shanghai Zhongshan Park with plenty of activities on Tuesday/Thursday (night ride) and Saturday (training). Occasionally activities out of big city on the weekend to scenic places like Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui and other nearby provinces.

Cyclingmania is a non-profit organization and with an objective to promote low carbon emission sporting activities besides building up more cyclist enthusiast. With the motto of promoting healthier lifestyle and be part of environment care taker.

With vast experience in cycling among the members, Cyclingmania does encourage potential cyclist to participate in races/competitions nationwide. Training will be provided by experience cyclist and necessary guidance it provided. Up to date Cyclingmania has 51 members who will participate in races/competition and another 45 other members whom coming from all over the world. In eastern China the name Cyclingmania is known to many and has certain influences in cyclist world.



Shop Address: No. 1475, Changning Road, Changning District, China.




Shop Address: No. 5, Xianxia Road, Changning District, China.


Business Hours: 9AM-9PM / Winter: 9AM-8PM

营业时间:9AM-9PM / 冬季:9AM-8PM




輪語邮箱:[email protected]




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