How to Blog

Write a short review for Shanghai Cycling, upload a few photos, link the ride to Strava / Garmin connect (See FAQ). Keep the community updated in a few simple steps:

  1. Make sure your registered and logged in (bottom left of page). Click Create New Blog
  2. Give your page a title, write text and format it in the content area. Add photos through the Add Media button. Please – not too many pictures and keep them under 2000pix.
  3. Choose a Category and add some tags (optional such as location, duration, road type etc).
  4. Important note. Upload at least 1 image. The first image in the post will be used as the featured image. The featured image is a thumbnail in the home and other pages and links to your full blog post. If not image a blue icon will shop up instead of the featured image.
  5. Click Save and it will be published live to the community.

A very basic video of how to blog:

Blogs can be seen in the Blog area by all visitors. We will select newly published blogs and highlight them in the homepage, email newsletters and wechat announcements.

Thanks, Shanghai Cycling Team