Rules and regulations of rides and sites

Site Rules

This site is hosted in China with a ICP. No politics or porn or other stuff that might get us switched off is allowed. We host in China because we are here,  it is the quickest option and dont want to get blocked.

Ride Rules

These are group dependent so check out individual groups for their exact exact rules.

For Puxi Wednesday and Saturday rides we try and adhear to the following;

Dear Peloton,

In the big Saturday group ride please take special care on
some issues:

  • Ride in lines of 2 cyclist beside each other
  • Overtaking only on the left side
  • Point out obstacles clearly to warn the cyclists behind You  (additional shouting is also good)
  • To regroup into the line, point the gap to the back cyclist
    let others regroup into the line
  • Ride in constant speed
  • No abrupt acceleration, the long group ride is not a race! (this also counts for attacks from the back field;
  • If it gets hard to keep the pace, bite your teeth together and try to do it, don’t loose the front cyclist’s wheel;
  • Drafting is OK but leave enough space to the wheel in front
  • Use ‘Soft-Paddeling’ to balance the gap to the wheel in front
  • No wheel overlapping, this is dangerous!
  • Safe Your attack power for the ride back home from ‘Trinkstand’ (well…maybe not ;-))
  • Don’t ride on white lines, especially when roads are wet


  • take care about the gaps in the road, e.g: the steel expansion gaps on the last bridge before the Trinkstands, the gaps in the middle of the canal roads, …
  • Once your front wheel gets into the gaps, YOU WILL CRASH
  • Several terrible accidents happened in the past!
  • Be very careful of the white road markings when wet and cornering. You will probably slip over and crash.

Once an accident happens:

  • manoeuvre around the group involved
  • then slowly reduce speed, no abrupt breaking, it will make the guy behind you crash!
  • This also counts for the cyclists in front of the accident

Slower riders:

  • try everything possible to stay in the group as far as you can!
  • drafting saves a lot of energy! even if it gets tough, always remind yourself that it gets tougher (and less fun) once you get dropped!
  • we ALL started slow and only by many training rides we made our way to the front of the pack!
  • if you get dropped, try to recover while continueing cycling at a constant pace, others get dropped soon and You can form a chasing group!

One more thing:

  • We are all doing this for fun and we have to take care about each other
  • But in the groupride everyone is responsible for her/himself, this is what makes those rides possible!


Some other notes:

  • Red lights – follow the law and stop for them. They are there for a reason. How much of a rush are we in?
  • TT Bars – 2014 was the year of many accidents and some caused by people on TT bars. Only get in your TT bars if you are at the back and no one is drafting or if you are 5m away from another person.
  • No earphones while riding in the group.
  • Also for post drink stand longer rides, its assumed that the group sticks together and should regroup every 10km to allow the weaker riders to catch up. Lazy riders should wechat the group that they are not going to keep up and not to be waited for.

Please let us know if you have other suggestions of what should be stated on this page.

Thanks Jens for the above;

AlexD suggusts we watch these:

How to ride in a group:

How to corner in a line of riders:








  • 两个自行车肩并肩起,两列骑行;
  • 只在左侧超车;
  • 清楚地指出骑行中的障碍地警告在你后面的车手(如果喊下听得到的话喊也可以);
  • 要重新组合成线,请指向差距背骑自行车的人;
  • 让别人重新组合加入骑行队伍;
  • 保持速度骑行;
  • 不能突然的加速,大部队的骑行不是一场比赛!(从背后超越也算违背规则);
  • 如果难以跟上脚步,紧咬你的牙齿,尝试这样做,不要放松前自行车车轮;
  • 漂移是可以的,但在前面的车轮处留下足够的空间;
  • 使用soft Paddeling来平衡与在前面的轮子之间的差距;
  • 不要把轮子搭接起来,这是危险的;
  • 从 ‘Trinkstand’ 的回家的注意保留自卫的体力(嗯…也许不);
  • 尤其在路面湿滑时不要在白线上骑行。