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A nice way to remember the rides and races of the year and make plans for the new ones. It’s a party so nothing too serious! We have our rides and group chat for that.

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Intro to Rides in Shanghai

There is a lot of riding in Shanghai if you want it. Daily! The good stuff is mostly along the canals or rivers outside of the bustling centre but plenty of options for week day training if you are prepared to set the alarm early enough to beat the traffic! There are many groups for different tastes, levels and styles!!! 每天,上海有很多骑行活动,最好的路线是沿着浦江两岸,但只要你起得够早,每周有许多由各群组织的骑行活动可供选择,他们有不同的骑行风格、水平。

The more established road routine is for the week to start with a Monday rest day after the weekends efforts, Tuesdays are the lung busting leg crushing CP laps, a long standing institution lead by the Specalized Dudes, Wednesday follows with some more high intensity efforts at the Expo setting off from La Parisienne at 6.05, Thursdays are for cruising or snoozing and Friday is a gentle café spin along Suzhou creek setting off from fuxing park at 6.05. The big weekly rides are ‘HQM’ for those riders west of the river and ‘GC’ for westsiders. Both can get very fast and/or very long but various groups are established on the road and different options explained prior to departure. Sunday riding is usually done at conversation pace either around the Pudong expo or out and back to the sea wall finishing with bike related chatter at the LP bakery. STC* has options for those that like swimming before and running after a ride and RideNow* organises rides on Tue/Thu/Sat mornings with strong focus on new riders and people new to Shanghai. There are lady group rides, intermediate groups, pig groups, Fixie groups, MTB groups, drinking groups etc catering for every bike related niche out there. On top of this there are an abundance of rides orgainzed by Shanghai’s cycle stores such as by Bikehome*, Giant*, Specalized*, Trek*, and Chains* Shops.

在周末努力训练及周一休息一天后,常规来说,周二是一周训练的开始, 内容是由闪电车队带领绕圈世纪公园,练习心肺和腿。周三是更高强度的浦东世博绕圈,6点05分从La Parisienne出发。周四是常规巡航。周五早晨6点05分由苏州河出发,到复兴公园的所谓“咖啡骑行”。周末的大型骑行活动,浦西从虹桥万豪出发,浦东从德国中心出发,皆是高速长距离骑行,即使如此,还是可以根据出发前的简短说明,自行加入不同速度集结起的小分队。周日,通常是轻松的“聊天骑”,地点在浦东世博或海墙附近,无论选择哪里,最后会在La Parisienne集合,聊聊骑车话题。STC* 是为铁人三项准备的。针对新骑手和刚到上海的人,可以参加RideNow* 组织的骑行活动,时间是周二四六。


特色骑行 Featured Rides

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    Wed FXF 555 Expo Ride

  • Featured

    Sat HQM Ride

  • Featured

    Sunday Puxi-Seawall ride (Departing from Fuxing Ferry)

  • Featured

    Monthly Social Ride 月度聚会骑行

  • STC周三浦东世博大道夜骑 Wednesday Night Riding

  • Dawn Patrol Ride

  • RideNow Miaojing mini intervals

  • Fri Coffee Ride

  • Biyun Jamaica Blue Cafe to Drinkstand


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Groups & Wechat

Lots of chat and ride organisation now happens through various wechat channels. Join Wechat ID: shanghaicycling for ride / race announcements. Then sign up for some of the groups and see what best suits your speed, ability and season’s goals. 通过微信可以加入各种骑行群,在shanghaicycling.org上查看公告,然后根据自己的速度和骑行目的加入群聊。

For Puxi riders there are “Serious” & “Intermediate” Wechat groups. For Pudong there is “Pudong” & “Pigs”. For PuxiPudong there is “Puxipudong”. For Triathlon there is “STC”. For 2nd hand sales “2nd Hand Group”. For new riders “Ridenow”. Many other groups come and go or are specific in nature. Hopefully we will end up with one group for cycling chat for Shanghai but this really is asking a lot ! 浦西的骑友可以加入“serious(严格训练)”和“intermediate(中速)”微信群,浦东的则可以加入“pudong(浦东)”和“pigs(中速)”群,此外,无论浦西浦东都可以加入“puxipudong(浦西浦东)”群。铁三玩家可以加入“STC”群。如果你有二手装备需要转让,可以加入“2nd hand group”群。新骑友可以加入“ridenow”群。希望我们最后至少有一个群是聊骑车的。

Join Wechat ID: shanghaicycling for ride / race announcements and the occasional blog post about riding further afield. 登录shanghaicycling.org查看公告和博客。

Many thanks to the sponsors and groups who supported our annual party. All money raised from the fun and games will go to a local charity. More info will be posted soon. Thanks to all our friends for buying tickets and safe riding!

Get Fast!

Racing in Shanghai

For the serious riders or those wanting to get competitive, races are mostly organised by Heros*, Classics* and PDM*. These are mostly short crit races once a month during the season and longer Gran Fondos in various places all over South west China and beyond.


*Commercial operations but since when does cycling really make any serious money! Support your local cycling shops and operators!!! Try to buy local and then look overseas!


Get Involved.

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这个网站是为了让大家互相分享信息,了解赛事,骑行路线和博客。This site is here to help us share info and easily view ride & race calendars, routes and blogs.


请将你的名字,邮箱,队名,微信,语言发送邮件至[email protected] 你将收到邮件或微信的注册确认。(在线注册即将启动)Email – [email protected] your name, email, cycling group name, wechat, language and we will register so you receive email & wechat notifications and sign you up so you can blog and add rides / races directly. (online registration coming soon)

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Easy add a ride and race to the calendar through this form or by email. Please try and add english and chinese. If any problems just email [email protected] with the info. For registered users only!


Easily send a ride blog or interesting information relating to cycling events / rides / races in China. Either send an email (easy from a phone after a ride – email your ride pictures etc) to [email protected] or fill out this online form. FYI you need to be registered and you need to send email from the email address you registered with us from. No spam or sales please!

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